Breaking News!

I am a news junkie. Its not something to be proud of, though at one point of time I was proud of it. Why? Because it makes me sound intelligent and intellectual and aware of everything that goes around me. In discussions with friends, I was the Mr. Know It All. I followed News pages … More Breaking News!

Jumbled Up Pieces

“Do you think am crazy?” “No, you are just a fool in love.” Blood gushes through my vein, my forehead perforated with sweat. My heart beat escalates to twice its original rate and exhaustion takes over. I am naturally an anxious person. When stress takes over, instead of coping with it, I move downhill to … More Jumbled Up Pieces


There isn’t anything in this world that requires you to leave yourself. You are your own creation, your own work of art. You are your highest bidder and sometimes, your only bidder. How do you expect people to love you when you look at yourself with doubt in your eyes? Why don’t you believe you … More United